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Planning to buy new truck?

A truck buying new do you not just and is a well thought-out choice. Buying a new truck is quite an investment and not every company has the options for this immediately. Buying a truck new is nowadays an interesting option if you have sufficient liquid assets. Due to the very low interest rate, it is not really attractive to leave money in the bank. The purchase of a new truck can be a good and very valuable investment for your company. Especially if transport is central to your company, a new truck will offer the necessary benefits. Click here to visit our blog about Truck repair near me.

Advantages of buying a new truck

The big advantage of a new truck is that you have complete freedom of choice in the brand of truck. If you are looking for a used truck, then you have to deal with the brands offered. So you can look for the brand of truck that seems most suitable to you or that you prefer. New is really new. The truck comes directly from the factory and therefore has no signs of use. When you make long European journeys, this is a nice extra for the driver. There is no need to check the technical condition of the truck, because it is new in perfect condition. Of course you will also receive the best service through the dealer for the necessary maintenance and repairs on the road, should a defect occur. In addition, an investment in a new truck is also a long-term investment. Of course, just as always with new cars, a lot is written off on a truck, but the truck always lasts a long time. In addition, with good maintenance you can still expect an acceptable residual value and a good chance of resale.

Equipped with the latest innovations

A new truck depends on the options you choose, to be equipped with the very latest innovations. Trucks are also becoming more modern and easier to use. You often enjoy renewed aerodynamics, an on-board computer that is completely up to date and which leads to improved driving performance and fuel savings. Fuel economy is one thing that manufacturers today take a lot into account and this can reduce costs in the long term. Of course, all new technical possibilities in the field of safety are present. The driver sits comfortably in a good ergonomic and adjustable driver's seat that is now standard fitted in new trucks. The cabin is luxuriously furnished with more and more space for the driver's sleeping space and there is often a complete infotainment system on board with touchscreen. In this way, the driver can easily operate and control the entire truck at the touch of a button. Here to can find Trailer repair shop in your town.

Buy or lease a new truck

The purchase price for buying a new truck is normally high. For a good and complete truck, you can count on prices starting at € 100,000. If you still want to buy a new truck, but it is above your budget, leasing is still an option. If you opt for a financial lease, this is a form of credit where you do not suddenly have to make a large expenditure. You pay the lease company monthly the lease amount and you are also the economic owner. The truck will be added to your balance sheet during the lease period and maintenance will also be charged to you. During the term, you also benefit from all tax benefits, such as an investment deduction and if the closing period is met, you are also the legal owner of the truck. Of course there are also other forms of credit, such as a loan from the bank.

Where to buy truck new?

Where can you go for a new truck? Just like with a passenger car, you can visit the dealer for this. However, it is not the case that truck dealers are spread all over the country, as is the case with car dealers. In any case, a car dealer has a branch in every province. This is not the case with truck dealers. Most brands of trucks are represented in the Netherlands and Belgium, but with one or at most two branches. Well-known truck brands where a dealer can be found in the Netherlands or Belgium include MAN, DAF, Volvo, Renault and IVECO. You can also expect good service and good warranty conditions from the truck dealer. Of course the dealer can be a bit further away, but for maintenance, good contracts have often been concluded with local maintenance companies to provide your new truck with good maintenance.

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