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GPS trackers trailer

GPS trackers for the trailer or caravan can be used to track your trailer or caravan. If a GPS tracker is attached to the trailer or caravan, you always know where on earth your trailer or caravan is located. Click here to find Trailer repair near me

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How do GPS trackers work?
GPS trackers work on the basis of a GPS signal. GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System. Within the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, signals from satellites are sent to the GPS tracker. The position of the GPS tracker is then determined on the basis of calculations. This information is sent to the GPS device and then stored.

What can GPS trackers mainly do?
GPS trackers can mainly determine the position of your vehicle. In this case your trailer or caravan. This can be done via a real-time tracking function or via track and trace. Often all location information can then be found in a mobile app or online platform.

What is real time tracking?
Real time tracking is the live tracking of the location of your GPS tracker. If the GPS tracker is mounted in the trailer or caravan, then you know exactly what the location of your trailer or caravan is at that moment. Also visit Diesel truck repair near me

What is track and trace?
Track and trace is the tracking and tracing of your trailer based on previously stored location data. You can use track and trace to see exactly where your trailer or caravan has been and which route it has traveled.

When do you need a GPS tracker for your trailer?
You need a GPS tracker if you always want to be sure where your trailer is located. For example, if your trailer has been stolen or if you have lent it.

What functions do the GPS trackers have for the trailer

The GPS trackers:

  • can accurately determine the position of your trailer or caravan up to 5 meters;
  • have a track and trace function to find the current and previous locations of your trailer or caravan;
  • are provided with routing and speed determination;
  • also work with real-time tracking that continuously transmits the position of your trailer or caravan;
  • send tracking notifications via SMS;
  • have a GEO Fence alarm that goes off when your trailer or caravan leaves a preset safe zone;
  • have a speed alarm that goes off when your trailer or caravan exceeds a certain speed;
  • in addition, they are also equipped with a vibration alarm that goes off when the trailer or caravan with GPS tracker starts moving;
  • alarm if the battery is almost empty;
  • are equipped with a listen-in function for live listening;
  • have a sleep mode, which extends the battery life when the GPS tracker is not active;
  • Can save the GPS history up to 3 or 6 months back.
  • Tractor trailer tires

What other benefits are there?

The GPS trackers from Tracemaster:

  1. work worldwide via the GPRS network;
  2. have internal GSM / GPRS antennas (GSM / 2G GPRS network);
  3. are suitable for almost all trailers or caravans;
  4. are wireless and rechargeable via USB;
  5. have a long standby time;
  6. have a powerful magnet, so that they can be securely attached to the trailer or caravan;
  7. are waterproof;
  8. working with a SIM card without a subscription ;
  9. come with free app / web application;

How can you install a GPS tracker in your trailer or caravan?

Thanks to the powerful magnet, you can easily place it against any metal surface of your trailer or caravan. Really installation is therefore not necessary. The GPS trackers for the trailer are also wireless.

How can you install a GPS tracker?
All GPS trackers are delivered ready to use, but for more information about activating the SIM card or setting up the mobile app, please take a look at our FAQ page .

What other applications does a GPS tracker have?
In principle, you can also use the GPS trackers for other vehicles, such as for your car , motorcycle , scooter, boat or even a truck. There are also special GPS trackers for your bike.

Which Tracemaster GPS trackers can I buy?
Of course you can buy all GPS trackers and related products at Tracemaster online , the product always comes with a two-year warranty.

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